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Australian Care Network.


You relax Massage does not just want to make a positive change in your life, but also in lives of others.  That is why we are committed to supporting various charities, (often nominated by our clients) in whatever way we can.

In the past we have supported in a big way such programs as Buds to Blossoms and Beyond Blue.  With the financial support of clients, You Relax Massage founder, Alex van der End, was able to travel in 2015 with therapists from around the world and go to Vietnam to provide paediatric massage to orphaned and disabled kids as well as children living with aids or affected by aids.  This program was arranged by Buds to Blossoms and ignited a passion in Alex to be instrumental in setting up a new way for clinics especially, as well as anyone for that matter, to support various care initiatives in Australia and around the world.

Thus was born the Australian Care Network

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With regards to beyondblue, we have previously run The Great Discount Promotion – proudly supporting beyondblue.   When you make a small tax-deductible donation to beyondblue on the special website:, you will qualify to get access to amazing Discounted Massage Packages.

Corporate Specials also available on request.  For more details, please visit or call 0414 344 239.

You Relax Massage is an Accredited Member of the Massage Association of Australia.  Private Health Fund Rebates may apply. beyondblue has designated this fund-raiser as: Activity ID 204495.




You Relax Massage is also happy to help you in your community/school or charity fund-raising venture.  We can provide free or discounted massage vouchers or other incentives to help you reach your goals.  We do, however, not normally donate cash, so please do not ask for that.  Contact us today to see how we can help you and your organisation.

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